With Nigeria as one of Africa’s leading producer in oil and natural gas, we at Casiva Limited, with our experience in the trading sector and a dynamic trading infrastructure and diverse market presence are able to provide products to our clients via exports.

We are small part of big wheel that is helping the Nigerian economy grow. The export and free trade aids the unlocking of benefits of our energy abundance for the Nigerian consumer and further strengthen Nigeria’s position as a global energy supplier.

We trade in but are not limited to;

I. CRUDE OIL: Global crude oil markers (Brent) and many grades of oil priced off these markers.
II. REFINED PRODUCTS & DERIVATIVES: Light and middle distillates (naphtha, jet, heating oil and various grades of diesel fuel); unleaded gasolines and components; fuel oil; petrochemicals such as benzene, toluene, mixed xylenes, paraxylene and styrene; and intermediate feedstocks such as vacuum gasoil and straight-run fuel oil.
IV. NGLS, OLEFINS & RESINS: Natural gas, LNG, power, coal, renewables & emission allowances and related commodity indices and markets.
V. GAS & GENERATION BTU’S: Natural gas, LNG, emission allowances and related commodity indices and markets.


At Casiva Limited, we deal with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment.

Our scope of services includes the following:

  • Road and Bridges construction
  • Building construction
  • Foundation works
  • Canals, Dams and Drainage works
  • Structural concrete works

We traditionally break it into several sub-groups including environmental engineering construction, geotechnical engineering construction, structural engineering construction, transportation engineering construction, municipal or urban engineering construction, water resources engineering construction, materials engineering construction, coastal engineering construction, surveying, etc.

We possess the personnel and resources to deliver all projects within its scope on time within budget.


Casiva Limited renders fabrication services which involve mechanical construction process of building metal structures by cutting, bending and assembling. We cut, shape and weld metal with the aid of oxy-acetylene equipment and powerful guillotines, bend and fold metal using powerful brake presses to produce a wide range of products like machines and structures.

We also carryout fabrications for new installations – boat bumpers, protectors, top side structures, metallic caissons, jackets, bridges, decks and helidecks, suctions and drive piles, pipe spooling, sub-sea manifolds, skids, equipment modules, vent/flare booms, etc.


We offer services like; laying of oil and gas pipelines, pipeline fabrication/construction, pipeline coating, pipeline facility maintenance, production facilities inspection/maintenance (including rope access usage), pipeline pigging and inspection, non-destructive testing(normal or using radioactive source), corrosion prevention and control services(cathodic protection, coating, etc.), etc.


We supply, install and maintain heavy duty equipment like turbines, Christmas trees, Flanges, risers, SBM, OCTG/Pipes caterpillars, pay-loaders, cranes, elevators (lifts), generators, excavators, fork-lifts, swamp buggies, LP/HP pumps, fire trucks, compressors, etc.